IT specialists acknowledge the increase of cyberattack threats and that this is not lowering down anytime soon. For instance, on June 27, 2017, Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) was subjected to a ransomware attack. Many such incidents have been mentioned in recent cybercrime records. Over the past few years, advanced groups of hackers have emerged, working together towards cyber corruption. Among recent ransomware, the drive-by malware poses a serious threat to information security. It gets automatically downloaded into the user’s computer without his/her conscience and authorization. Despite the rapid technological improvement, cybercriminals continue to have a strong hold over the internet market.

Concentrate on what matters in your business

As a business owner or worker, it is mandatory to acknowledge the material that truly propagates his/her business. For example, a pawnbroker must look out for complete security of his/her pledges or pawns. Without them, his/her business ceases to work, culminating a shattering downfall. Once the core material of a corporation is identified, then comes the groundbreaking task of ensuring its protection. This could be hard because of the amount of data sharing, copying and collaboration within the business company, however, it is obligatory to perfectly locate the core subject for initiating its security measures.

Why is a cyber security expertise need of the hour for board of directors?

Board of directors often looks to cyber security experts or CISO members to have a better comprehension of the company’s state of cyber security. When the question arises about a cyber security expert being a member of the board of directors, it should be mentioned that this expert must not constrict his expertise in technical and cybersecurity facets only but must also be thoroughly experienced in financing, executing and operating. The board of directors must fill the cyber void with this expert to access and assess the various security implementation undertaken in their organization.

Expert’s advice

The task of a cyber security expert is to minimize cyber risks in an organization. NAO has reported that over 80% of the current attacks are reduced due to good security hygiene. Here is a list of the basic necessities to ensure cyber security:

  • Incessant patching – Research shows that repeated patching has the ability to reduce 95% of all internet intrusions.
  • Effective monitoring of network activity – Monitoring helps to keep a record of the amount of data being shared and access by authorized or unauthorized personnel.
  • Implement a blacklist and a whitelist – It ensures unauthorized external traffic to not gain network access.
  • Create a network limit – Manage the devices connected to your network. This helps to keep unknown USB connections at bay.
  • Handle permission access – Control and manage the network and application access

Importance of cyber security for the business

Cyber security must be considered as a crucial business component that requires Risk management and appropriate procedures. Also, without support from senior management, even an expert will be unable to fund the procedures and have access to the legal areas. Citing these measures may appear obvious to some, but it is shocking how often large corporations and organizations have belittled the effect of this on the population by overlooking the right procedures.