IT Risk Assessment is a comprehensive exercise that depending on your business requirement, does a review of your overall IT infrastructure or a part of it and the policy/standards/guidelines/workflow governing this infra. Risk Assessment here intended to evaluate the effectiveness of digital security implementation within the environment and highlights the potential gaps / misconfiguration / weaknesses, which needs to be covered to make the environment more secure.

We provide this service for:

  • On-Premise
  • Cloud

The review is done from the perspective of:

  • Security achitecture
  • Technology in use
  • Implemented controls
  • Configuration

Aristi Ninja offers Risk Assessment service to keep the security levels in line with the company’s business mandates and strategies, and the most recent security standards and best practices. We have a team of certified and highly qualified experts who have worked with big corporate brands in different sectors and delivered exceptional performance in their respective fields. IT Risk Assessment is undoubtedly considered as foundation stone of a secure environment and that’s the reason we have best from industry delivering this for you. Each of these identified risk receives an associated qualitative form of measurement to evaluate it on a relative scale. Our risk assessment provides the ground for an organization to make informed decisions about which controls and weaknesses require focus and potentially resources.