In today’s time, organization’s critical data is constantly being accessed by mobile devices, and once it leaves the network the visibility drastically reduces with very little or no ability to enforce security policy to protect the same. The current scenario has made the mobile ecosystem the new frontier for a wide spectrum of risk. Attackers understand this very well and are getting smarter these days by not going after organization’s well protected assets directly; rather they focus and target these mobile endpoints as well as the apps running on them.

Some of the well-known mobile device threats include, but are not limited to : 0-day malwares, Loss of device, Unauthorized app installation, Data and document storage abuse, Malicious attachments.

Aristi Ninja’s approach to mobile security is based on OWASP Mobile Top 10 security assessment guidelines.

We provide consulting and assessment around the mobile risk landscape, delivering the services around, but not limited to-

  • Application vulnerability
  • OS vulnerability
  • Security configurations

This approach helps organizations understand the Spectrum of Mobile Risk, and the prevalence and impact of mobile threats and vulnerabilities.