In this dynamically changing environment, staying updated on latest happenings around the globe is of utmost importance. Humans are the most important asset for any organization and also the weakest link in the chain. Any technical defense measure would not be of much use if the employees are not cyber-aware.

At Aristi Ninja, we build customize Awareness programs to educate employees across every level of an organization, keeping them current with common types of threats or attacks that can affect business operations. The idea behind such programs is to motivate people to take information security seriously and respond to potential threats. We aim to have everybody involved by staying current with new technologies and understanding the threat landscape.

We also specialize in Security awareness sessions for C-level executives, they being the most important cog in the organization wheel.

Our delivery model includes, but not limited to, classroom style training sessions, Quiz programs via e-mail, posters. These methods can help ensure employees have complete understanding of company security policy, procedure and best practices