Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing intended to identify the weaknesses in your infrastructure, operating systems, and applications and attempts to penetrate the security defense of your environment by exploiting some vulnerability. This bring in front the actual security posture of environment and highlights the potential weaknesses, which needs to be covered to make the environment more secure. The exercise does provide an ideal time to test a new technology/systems before they go live on production systems.
Three types of VAPT services on offer includes:

  •  Application – Application portfolio relies on a diverse range of platforms and infrastructure that may be extremely vulnerable to intrusion and data theft. VAPT services simulates techniques used by hackers to help you identify and address potential threats for deployed/ yet to be implemented applications. We use both SAST/DAST based tools for application PT.
  • Network – Network VAPT services help you validate the configuration of various technology devices & platforms on your network as per best practices. We help you identify security issues and weak links in your network through network assessment, and penetration testing.
  • Operating System – Windows/Mac/Linux

Aristi Ninja team helps you manage your security risks and building a secure IT Infrastructure by conducting a reliable and comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing as per your business requirements and budget. We do offer customized packages of these services for your network, operating systems and applications. A team of highly experienced professionals equipped with latest technology and skill set helps improving any organization’s security posture with best industry standards and practices. Our detailed report of the vulnerabilities and recommendations for their closure, help clients to patch those vulnerabilities and protect themselves from advanced attacks.