While Passwords are often considered as the first line of defense in protecting digital assets / services, they are the best gift to any intruder. Still people often are so reluctant of guarding them. Protecting yourself isn’t hard, but it does require a little effort. Here are some ways to beef up security for your passwords: –

  • Use a password manager to creates strong, unique passwords for all of your accounts and manage them securely.
  • Go long and use a sentence or long pass phrase as your password. This will make it hard to hack and easy to remember.
  • Keep special characters separated. Try not to bunch them all together at the beginning or end. Instead, space them out throughout your password to make the guesswork extra tricky.
  • Change passwords on a regular basis. This will protect you and limit the impact of an compromised account.
  • Single-serve only. Don’t reuse passwords across different accounts. Doing so can increase your vulnerability.
  • Don’t save passwords in your browser. Though it’s a convenient shortcut to remembering all those passwords, but it’s very risky and opening doors for compromise.
  • Add two-factor too. Wherever possible use 2FA, as it’s a notable deterrent for someone trying to compromise your account.
  • Don’t share your password. This seems like common sense, but a staggering number of people still freely give their passwords to others. Don’t be one of those people.
  • Watch out for Phishing. Never disclose or change your passwords by following links in emails that you did not request, since those links might be compromised and redirect you to the wrong place.
  • Follow basic hygiene. Don’t write them down around or post them on your monitor. Be safe from password leakage by dumpster-diving and shoulder-surfing

By:- Aman Chhikara